Installed in multiple locations on the customers' property - this installation was exceptionally interesting.  Initially this customer used a DVR to record multiple security cameras (analog) for a Proof of Concept.  The initial implementation showed its weakness quickly - hard disk failure on the DVR, bad connectivity on the web interface and other problems.

Customer requested all cameras be PTZ (Controllable).  All cameras were replaced with 2MP (1080p) IP Cameras, PTZ and with IR that covered 40 meters or greater.  The DVR was removed from the situation and a dedicated PC was run using a popular VMS software.  Cameras were mounted and POE was used to minimize cabling exposure.  No POE hubs were used, however - only injectors and splitters.

Because of the seperation of the camera locations on different buildings and locations, directional wireless was implemented.  Using Engenius outdoor wireless to cover point to point, an exceptional signal was implemented that spanned the distance.  In one case, from the house to the front gate is nearly 1/8 mile.  The camera was mounted in a custom wood post created to house the power, camera mount and wireless receiver.

This customer has gushed over the ease of use on his IPHone, Tablet and remote ability, as well as the event driven video capture ease of use.  Total success!

** Customer name withheld for security reasons or upon request **