R.I.P. Video of a Dell Axim installed as a car computer!

I used to have an active link to a Youtube video I thought was incredible.  It showed a gent in Europe installing a Dell Axim in his car as a computer.  It had a touchscreen in the dashboard, USB ports, a hard drive in the trunk... SD and CF card slots.  It was a GPS and route mapper, music player... just super cool!

This was 20 years ago, before the age of the smart phone or the fancy equipment we have now.

While checking some things on the website, I bumped into the fact that Youtube has removed the video.  Sad.  I guess even they have limits.* I used the Dell Axim as a pocket digital daytimer for years - It synced with my Exchange server, so I had contacts, tasks and calendars - and it was my Music server too... I even had the GPS !  To this day I still have 5 (4?) of these in my storage with all the fixin's.  It's really hard to let go of what works!

Nowadays, we take all this for granted.  Well...  let this blog entry be the eulogy of those days gone by.


R.I.P. Dell Axim and the coolest car computer ever!