Property Surveillance

Installed in multiple locations on the customers' property - this installation was exceptionally interesting.  Initially this customer used a DVR to record multiple security cameras (analog) for a Proof of Concept.  The initial implementation showed its weakness quickly - hard disk failure on the DVR, bad connectivity on the web interface and other problems.


Video Surveillance

You would never guess we would need our security system, but we did!

In 2011, a breakin occurred at our location.  We had the year before installed an analog system, with 4 cameras.  Our system included additional IR illuminators, and 2 types of camera - wide angle and normal.  The system wired back to our DVR, which we had upgraded to give 45 days of coverage / storage capacity.


Remote Accessibility

 This client used our technical services for onsite implementation of secured remote accessibility behind firewall.  Out of Band (read: accessible when internal network not functioning) customer needed to reach internal equipment running non-standard OS's.  This unit was secured with SSL, random IP and scheduled availability.  A very interesting security project!

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